Stop-motion video, HD 16’13’’

« Nocturne » is a stop-motion video that is a series of documentary photographs taken on a full moon night, traversing the city from east to west in pursuit of the moon. I walk in a zigzag pattern, following the moon and at the same time positioning myself so that the moon appears to move along the silhouettes of buildings.

Normally, stop-motion is a video technique in which the camera (viewpoint) position is fixed and the objects in the frame move little by little, allowing the viewer to perceive changes over time. In this work, however, the position of the moon is fixed in the center of the frame, and the moon appears to be moving as I myself (viewpoint) move.

In the daylight, we use a fixed unit of time, such as one second or one minute, or a fixed scale such as direction, latitude, or longitude, but with the light of the moon at night, I started from the idea of using another scale to measure things. I wanted to create a situation in which the world, which had been perceived as solid, is gradually shifting through the simultaneous movement of multiple objects.

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa
Sound: Daisuke Tanabe
Production assistant: Naoki Yoshimoto
Production support: Koganecho Area Management Center

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