Sun of the City


Nida, Lithuania

"Sun of the City" is a project to make a sundial as a wall painting using existing constructions in urban spaces.

In Nida, I have used one of south-facing walls, a part of building used by a fire department and by a waste disposal facility owned by Neringa Electric Power of Naringa Municipality, Klaipeda County, Nida and an existing TV antenna on the wall, which has been used by those living in the building. Using data -size, length and angle- from each structure, and mapping them against the latitude and longitude of the point of the antenna, I have made a dial face of sundial.

Dimention (of the wall) : about 700 x 1200 cm
Organizer : VAA Nida Art Colony
Support : AB «Neringos komunalininkas», AB «Neringos energija»